We are an  economic and political consultancy . We advise companies and institutions in respect to their competitveness, the strategic-innovative orientation of their business units, the internationalisation and inculturation as well as their interfaces between economy and politics.

Our target groups are executives from corporate groups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises from all industrial branches and the financial industry.

We focus on micro- and macro economic topics , Corporate Governance, Corporate Communications and Business Ethics.

Perception management, Rencontre Strategy, Political Affairs and Public Management complete our consultancy and implementation services as well as the development of an Inhouse-University as part of the knowledge management.

Our services are provided by academic consultantsfrom international universities and reputable personalities from the business community, politics, sciences and the military. Following the device:Scientia et Peritia in idem coincidunt. (Knowledge and experience fall together).

The target of our subsidiary actions is to support the company’s efforts and its management to achieve profitability, growth and competitiveness.