Our consultancy services are related to all economic questions which serve the purpose of a company’s growth on the world market. This growth does not only refer to growth in terms of size but in particular in the areas of rentability, productivity and sustainable efficiency.

Therefore, we deliver relevant concepts and strategic orientation, with the aim of equipping our client’s company with a high reputation: with competitiveness, modernity and innovation.

Our economic consultancy fields  focus on sales and marketing as the key factors of every expansion. Another relevant factor to achieve success within the macro-economy is knowledge management which supports the internationalisation and global orientation of our client’s strategy.

By using a special Rencontre Strategy  we dedicate ourselves to connecting management boards with different influencers from various relevant social areas, like politics, sciences, legal, military, universities and other branches.

It is about the realisation of relationships, which should not be mixed up with the classical lobbyism. They serve the purpose of developing spheres of influence to enable the business model in the most positive way.

We empower our clients to a market behaviour regarding the current hypercompetition, a modern cooperative behaviour through co-opetition, an vigorous communication behaviour through perception management and brand building as well as knowledge management through the company related implementation of an Inhouse University.

As a special service we offer advice on financing of investments and strategies as well as the safeguarding of liquidity. This includes the search for investors, the purchase and sale of companies and going public.

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