In the year 2000, in the medieval surrounding of Kaiserswerth in the city of Dusseldorf, seven consultants founded Societaet CHORVS AG, Gesellschaft für disruptive Wettbewerbsgestaltung.

Under the leadership of the supervisory board and the management board, young academics and renowned personalities from politics, finance, sciences, military and entrepreneurship advise managers of companies and institutions with an interface to political questions.

Our clientele consist of multinational and medium-sized companies from the industry and the service sector.

Macro- and micro economic knowledge and humanistic foundations determine our actions. They are complemented by extensive entrepreneurial experience. Our approach is characterised by disruptive ideas and is founded on enabling competitiveness which itself finds its base in innovation, change and orientation towards the future.

We profess adherence to the European culture, social market economy, technological change, entrepreneurship, personal property, the compliance with the law and globalisation.

Technical and legal consultancy are not part of our profession.