Globalisation has dramatic effects not only in a positive manner, like the increasing chances for our clients’ companies but also in a negative manner, like the suction of the increasing hypercompetition. Our consulting service “competitiveness” enables our clients to develop defence mechanisms against unlimited competition through the implementation of Unique Selling Propositions. The worldwide trade is symbolised by ships of different sizes, from different directions and different winds.




The extreme changes of the financial sector require consultancy services which show multifaceted ways of capital procurement for companies either via banks, private investors, state support or by going public. We follow the traditional motto of: liquidity before rentability, financial stability before returns.




Our consultation serves the client’s belief that his company is dependent on the interface with politics in different ways and to different extents. This can be caused by corporate shareholding of the public sector, through a multitude of regulations, through the company’s dependency on public contracts, through financial support from foreign businesses, through the reduction of market entry barriers.




Technological change corresponds to free market economy. However, the tremendous speed at which this change is happening is new. The answer to this development can only be innovative policies, which take into account the short expiration dates of products and services. We want to enable our clients to act accordingly under the consideration of the socio-political area in which the company is working.





Business ethics are the value-oriented basis of all our clients’ activities on their markets towards their stakeholders. They serve as a guideline for everyone operating in the company as well as their shareholders. These business ethics originate in the Judeo – Christian culture of the Occident.





Our consultancy serves as the optimal imparting of education and training as a guarantor for our client’s prosperity and the comprehensive safeguarding of his future. Professionalism is complemented through economic and political knowledge as well as wide-ranging general education and socio-political awareness.




Participating and competing in globalisation presupposes the ability, willingness and knowledge of inculturation in order to succeed in unknown markets. The imparting of these foundations is the aim of our consultancy towards internationalisation.




The goal of our consultancy in the field of internationalisation is to allow our clients to think beyond national states and to promote cooperation to cope with an increased interconnectedness on the global market. This will also help in achieving competitive advantage. Especially the co-opetition model serves this purpose.